Thai Lotto – The Lucky Number Game

Thai lotto was established in 1868, marking the birth of King Chulalongkorn. He appointed an Englishman, Mr. Alabaster, to run the lottery. The lottery office is supervised by a special mechanism, the GLO Foundation. A hefty bonus prize of 30 million baht is offered every now and then. The lottery attracts a mix of male and female players. However, women are more likely to play the lottery.

Anyone from the age of 20 is eligible to play the Thai lottery. The chances of winning are higher than with other lottery games. Besides, credit purchase options and online ordering options have made it a convenient lottery game. While Thai lottery players are unlikely to strike it rich, they love the thrill of a flutter. And they don’t have to worry about a soaring lottery bill or a demanding bank.

There are a variety of ways to play the Thai lottery. เลขอาจารย์หนู can play online, buy a ticket, or visit a retailer’s store to purchase tickets. You can also watch the results live, so you can stay up to date on the latest winning numbers. There’s also a monthly draw for the Thai lottery. You can also get a live stream of the draw on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Thai lotto tickets are pre-printed and include anti-counterfeiting features. You should never buy a lottery ticket from a stranger or someone who doesn’t look Thai. And you should never pay more than 120 baht, as this is far higher than the usual price for a single ticket. You’re probably paying more than 80 baht for a fake ticket. And, if you are unsure of the odds, you can always check the news or the lottery results in the morning.

Thai lotto prizes are payable in cash or checks two years after the draw. Prize money over 20,000 Baht must be claimed within two years of the draw date. Winners should pay a tax of 0.5 percent on the prize money. Those winning over a million Baht must claim their award in cash at a GLO office in Nonthaburi. Thai lotto is a huge national phenomenon that appeals to everyone who loves winning.

Many lottery players buy lucky numbers, but the number of lottery tickets associated with a number is not necessarily the same as the number. Researched numbers are more likely to win, but you should never buy lottery tickets based on an estimate. While it’s fun to play Thai lotto, you should also stick with it. Failure to stay with it is an easy way to quit the lottery. Whether you want to win a modest prize, or a huge jackpot, you should be persistent. There’s no substitute for success.

The results of the Thai Lottery draw will be announced on the first and sixteenth days of each month. เลขอาจารย์หนู will be announced in live broadcasts. You can also see the winning number charts online. Thai lottery is a hugely popular activity in Thailand, and has a long and rich history. Besides the lottery winning numbers, there are other forms of gambling that are legal in Thailand. For instance, horse racing in Bangkok is a legal form of gambling.